Cheryl Martin – One Woman

Liz Richardson – SWIM

Darren Pritchard Dance – Rent Party

David Hoyle – Diamond

CHAD TAYLOR – Persistence

BGAF 2017 – Nuclear

Cheryl Martin – Who Wants to Live Forever?

SPRING REIGN – A story from the Syrian conflict

Debs Gatenby – A Place Called Happiness

Imani Jendai – SpeechLess

Yvonne Shelton – Testimony

Black Gold Arts Festival

Rachel Goodyear – Blindspots

Jackie Hagan – Some People Have Too Many Legs

Jackie Hagan

Cheryl Martin – Alaska

ALASKA by Cheryl Martin

Louise Wallwein – Glue

Louise Wallwein

Debs Gatenby – Hi, Anxiety

David Hoyle, Bourgeois and Maurice, Gerry Potter Poet