What is the result of a lifetime of shame? mandla rae has a selective memory and they are scrambling to piece together their life. as british as a watermelon questions what it means to belong through exploring mandla’s fragmented asylum and migration memories. Can we trust our memories? How do we know they are real? What is a lie and what is self-preservation? Is there such a thing as healing?

This is one of several films premiering at Queer Contact, featuring different experiences of queer identity. The event will feature a live Q+A session with the creators.

mandla rae was one of our featured artists at LINK UP in November 2020, discussing their research for this film. You can find out more about their work in their LINK UP blog here.

This performance is part of Queer Contact Festival 2021.

  • Produced by Switchflicker Productions/Jayne Compton
  • Director Graham Clayton-Chance
  • Costume John Krausa
  • Creative Advisors Sonia Hughes and Jo Fong
  • Director of Photography Benjamin Liddell
  • Set Designer Michael Hankin
  • Production Manager Phil Buckley