Black Gold Arts Festival

Black Gold Arts is a Manchester-based arts organisation working predominantly with working-class people of colour, the LGBTQ+ community and their allies. We aim to get often overlooked voices, stories and hidden histories seen and heard. We do this through film, dance, song, visual art, theatre or any other artist’s medium.

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Diamond by David Hoyle

Diamond explores LGBT history spanning the 60-year period from 1957 to 2017 through the personal biography of David Hoyle.

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Rent Party by Darren Pritchard Dance

RENT PARTY, a 21st-Century Austerity Britain immersive show inspired by the 1920s Harlem Renaissance Rent Parties.

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Who Wants To Live Forever? by Cheryl Martin

Who Wants To Live Forever? is about one woman’s life-long love for Billie Holiday’s music, for the stars, and for her lost baby brother. It’s about camping holidays and friendship; about learning how to sing so that you can sing to the stars; about loss and memory, and turning memory into myths of Amazon princesses sailing the skies. About falling stars, and why we all love them.

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Persistence by Chad Taylor

An uplifting story of struggle, choreographed by Chad Taylor and scripted by writer & poet Courtney Hayles.

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Based on real-life accounts collected from Syrian refugees, aid workers, activists, journalists and photographers, Spring Reign features live per­formance, video, original music performed by Chris Davies, and frontline photography by Musa Chowdhury.

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