One Woman is a hypnotic dreamscape.

Through binaural sound the audience is drawn into the mind of a woman who grew up with severe depression and BPD (borderline personality disorder) as she tries to find the answer to who she was, how she came to be that person, who she might have been, and who she is now.

The audience is taken right to the heart of the most difficult memories, but in an allusive rather than hit-you-on-the-head-with-it kind of way.  A way that ultimately transcends the past and points the way to a different future. A future where the memories lose their grip, and with that loss, the power of the abuser fades.

The binaural sound will wrap around each audience member in an individual, protective cocoon. It allows the audience to interact with the material on their own terms. (To get the full affect of binaural sound, we recommend listening to the show on headphones.)

Cheryl will accompany her performances with an introductory talk and Q&A session with director and collaborator Juliet Ellis.


“Martin’s work moves on from Kane’s vision of the turmoil of the impact of trauma and depression and takes that reflection to a more universal space” Colin Hambrook


Writer & Performer: Cheryl Martin

Director & Collaborator:  Juliet Ellis

Producer:  Jayne Compton

Filming & Editing:  Juliet Ellis

Binaural Sound:  Guillaume Dujat

Visuals:  Sean Clarke

Choreography:  Jane Mason

Script Supervisor:  Sonia Hughes

Additional Filming:  Clive Hunte