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Introducing the Real Dolls’

The Real Dolls collective are ‘A gang of love’. They’ve evolved over the years into a techni-coloured powerhouse of five (plus friends), offering the type of sounds that can kick …

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switchflicker launch: swalf 01

14/04/00 Switchflicker celebrates its debut single by Mildmanjan featuring Mark e Smith and My Mate Mark featuring Veba. SWALF001@ Band on the Wall, Swan Street Manchester.

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MildManJan feat Mark E Smith: Swalf 1

Swalf 1 Released 12/01/00 MILDMANJAN feat Mark E Smith: Fist Full of Credits MY MATE MARK: Skin Deep Featuring Veba

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Real Dolls

The concept of the Real Dolls came from rapper, Rod Hotly. Inspired by a Frank Zappa interview where an ailing Frank wondered why nobody was writing songs about all the …

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