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Introducing the Real Dolls’

The Real Dolls collective are ‘A gang of love’. They’ve evolved over the years into a techni-coloured powerhouse of five (plus friends), offering the type of sounds that can kick any party into gear.

Born out of a series of drunken jam sessions, have made an impressive mark on Manchester’s music scene, never failing to deliver their unique brand of infectious musical spontaneity. The Doll’s repertoire demonstrates an enviable versatility, moving from uplifting electronic anthems to grimy hip-hop fuelled tracks in the blink of a glittery eye-linered eye. Their debut single ‘Trophy’, showcases the darker side to The Real Dolls sound; the band themselves describing it as ‘hip-hop club swagger’.

Rod Hotly: “Renaissance Man & vocal visionary”

Rod Hotly

Rod Hotly is a founding member of The Real Dolls, alongside Peter Parker and now contributor Ricky X. Rapper and lyricist Rod can be credited with dreaming up the initial Dolls concept after a Frank Zappa interview provided a bolt of inspiration. Sharing the front of stage with Zoe Hooker and rapper Yoshi, Rod provides the perfect accompaniment to her irrepressible energy.

Yoshi: “Human dance dynamo & energetic glitter ball”

Japanese, Manc Yoshi provides The Real Dolls with both a rapper/backing vocalist and a unique and super fun stage presence. She’s been described as a ‘human dance dynamo’ and a ‘Manc mobile party machine’.

Peter Parker: “World Class scratch DJ & MPC time lord”

Peter Parker
Although Peter Parker was there in the early days of The Real Dolls, he was forced to take a hiatus due to a busy schedule as internationally renowned DJ Fingathing. Keeping a close eye on the Dolls’ progress he was unable to resist rejoining after witnessing a euphoric live show. Taking a break from Fingathing Peter Parker took on production and song writing duties with Real Dave.

RealDave: “Production-savvy & tech whizz”

Real Dave
RealDave was introduced to The Real Dolls via a mutual friend. He’s the main guy behind the helm of the production/song writing dream team with Peter Parker.

Zoe Hooker: “Innocent victim of real doll destiny & riot grrrl”

zoe keep clear
Vocalist Zoe was introduced to the band by label Switchflicker. She represents the final piece of The Real Dolls jigsaw puzzle and completes their regular live outfit.

And Contributors:

Afrikan Boy: “Shop lifter, shirt smuggler”

Afrikan Boy has collaborated with M.I.A on her hugely successful and influential second album Kala. He lends a certain something to The Real Doll’s debut single ‘Trophy’, helping to create its dirty, bass heavy, and unforgettable, sound.

Veba: “Pancake Tuesday dish water”

Veba provides guest vocals to the Dolls’ track ‘Can’t Do Right’. Veba’s biggest hit to date was ‘Spellbound’, featuring on the Rae & Christian album ‘Northern Sulphuric Soul’, Grand Central. She has previously worked with Fingathing and toured the world with Groove Armada and Nightmares on Wax.

Magic Arm: “Noodling fish monger”

Magic Arm adds his vocal talents to The Real Dolls’ sing along summer jam ‘Ride Around’. Also on the Switchflicker label, Magic Arm has acquired fans in the shape of Radio 1 DJs Zane Lowe and Huw Stephens, and BBC 6music’s Marc Riley. He has supported Grizzly Bear, Beirut, Iron & Wine and James Yorkston.


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