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The concept of the Real Dolls came from rapper, Rod Hotly. Inspired by a Frank Zappa interview where an ailing Frank wondered why nobody was writing songs about all the fantastic cyber sex gadgetry and all the other bizarre freaky shit that came with it in the 80’s! Hotly joined forces with Manc Japanese rapper Yoshi, production-savvy Real Dave and world-class scratch DJ, Peter Parker to form the Real Dolls.

Falling in step with the likes of N.A.S.A, Santigold & M.I.A, they are a party band, they like to make you move with their bold, fresh mix of hip-hop, electro, dancehall and the J-pop sound of ParaPara to make PRONK! _or sex punk_their own brand of music.

From the bass heavy dirt of ‘Trophy’ to the high octane ParaPara hype of ‘Electro Tsunami’, the Real Dolls repertoire spans the music spectrum from sing along summer jams to full on club anthems. ‘Trophy’ has been destroying the dancefloor in Manchester at their club night, Pronk!

Live they are in their element with shows constantly changing and energy levels always pushed to 11. Entertainment is high on the agenda as this 4 piece join forces with Veba (Groove Armada, Rae & Christian) and Zoe Hooker to make effortlessly cool credible pop music!



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