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THE UNHEARD: Soundproof

the unheard

Swalf 7 Released 08/09/05

SoundProof, the debut ep from Manchester based DJ and producer,The UnHeard.

Soundproof is a subterranean jumble of esoteric sounds for the mind, body and soul. The A is a trilogy of beats and pieces; opening with Yorkie Bar breaks upfront, emotionally wrought strings in the back, and a couple of RJD2 tunes on the stereo. Cheekily buffered by a DJ Nobody-style Hawaiian refrain and scratch weapon kit (‘Jazz Belly Ride’/’el-skit’ respectively), turn it over and you get a fair depiction of how a 70’s cop-mystery show would have sounded were Dan Snaith in charge of the soundtrack; wah-wahs/flutes and a cavalcade of axe-wielding synths (‘Complete Sweet’). Done.


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