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Disco Punk EP

disco punk

Swalf 08 Released 08/10/05

Limited edition blood red vinyl, individually printed middles plus fanzine made by Jo, Vix and Elv.

Valerie have been tearing up the European gig circuit for the past few years. Playing with the likes of Le Tigre, Erase Errata, Liars, The Gossip and Sleater-Kinney, those who have witnessed the Manchester trio’s live action have heralded them as stars in the making – the rock band’s band, even the she-cool of ‘Karen O’ listens to them in the shower! Disco V Punk EP is Valerie’s second release on Switchflicker.

The Disco side is home to the underground call to arms that is Disco Punk Resistance. Undeniably Mancunian, DPR does a nice line in Happy Monday’s style euphoria, backed up by urgent guitars and sleazy beats. On the Punk side highlights include, Big Bad Billy C, an angst-ridden threat to art students who natter at gigs, and the legendary punk strop, Music 4 Townies, a picture postcard of inner city tensions. Valerie are Jo(vox), Elvis(drums/keyboards/vox/toys) and Vix (guitars/vox).

Their interests include, beer, Woody Allen, John Waters, zombies, greasy spoons, seaside towns, noise, soaps, dancing, music and scrabble.

“A whole bundle of fun…excellent stuff, truly excellent” Everett True, Plan B /Careless Talk Costs Lives.
“Snot Rawk Bollocks.” NME.
“Get with the program and let Valerie into your lives.” Flux.


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