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Magic Arm Outdoor Games EP

magic arm - outdoor games ep

Swalf12 Released 11/05/07

Format 10″ | £5

Recorded at home on Magic Arm’s computer, the EP ranges from twisted psych-folk to sinister pop and austere electronica.

There’s plenty to love here: the title track builds to a towering crescendo, People Need Order takes the ’60s harmony-pop formula and skews it with a freaky backing track and instrumental I Want You You Want Me is built on a Casio organ beat but expertly – if incongruously – blended in with banjo and church organ sounds.

Elsewhere, DAQ (Don’t Ask Questions) is what Marc refers to as his “un-informed take on electronica,” but is actually a neat track that pokes fun at the pretensions of the genre, love song You Should Know has elements of ‘30s pastiche and Move Out boasts a looping flute over a clockwork-sounding backing.

This EP is limited to 500 copies and we only have a few left, all the versions are home recordings which don’t appear on the album.

A side
1. Outdoor Games
2. People Need Order
3. I Want You You Want Me

B side
4. D.A.Q
5. You Should Know
6. Move Out
7. Reprise


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