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The SingleMan Affair, Magic Arm & The Ting Tings


Switchflicker Records presents
The SingleMan Affair

Magic Arm
The Ting Tings

The Engine House
Islington Mill M3 5HW


Meditating within his sun drenched Ukrainian Village flat in the spring of 2004, The Singleman Affair began visualizing and recording songs that brought him to a sacred place of multicolored vision and sound. Finding his roots manifested in different cultures and times, he finds his voice in a chimera of lush 60s psych-folk using guitars, sitar, wurlitzer, and pan flute, enmeshed in a tapestry of distant atmospherics and melody. Following in the footsteps of such artists as Skip Spence, John Martyn, Tim Buckley and Fred Neil, to experience The Singleman Affair is to witness him as he breaks apart and falls, lifting his head, as Orpheus sings from afar The Singleman Affair has widely performed over the last two years, including acclaimed sets at the Arthur/Drag City sponsored Million Tongues and 2 Million Tongues festival in the summers of 2004 and 2005, sharing the stage with such folk legends as Sir Richard Bishop, Michael Chapman, and Josephine Foster. After being included on the latest Galactic Zoo Dossier (Drag City), he was noticed by the legendary Alan Mcgee of Creation records fame and signed to Poptones Ltd UK in the spring of 2006.

Psych-pop charmer Magic Arm’s fragile melodies are an absolute must-see. His music features everything from Beach Boy’s sunshine to genuinely beautiful love songs, all done with a knowing nod to the 21st century. His impromptu LCD Soundsystem covers are a thing of legend. ‘Outdoor Games’ EP is released on Switchflicker in June.


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