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Sealed with a Loving Flick: swalf X launch

Your are invited to the intimate Launch of Sealed With A Loving Flick.
Playing Live:
John Stammers
Gideon Conn
Jan Wolstenholme / Belle of Les Bois

Club Brenda DJ’s
doors 9pm
Islington Mill James Street M3 5HW

Home to disco punks Valerie, Magic Arm’s traditional tech wonders and the aural antics of Gideon Conn to name but a few, this 14 track compilation promises to amaze, astound, and give you the full tasting menu of what’s happening in alternative music, right now.

Along come SWITCHFLICKER, purveyors of eclectic clubs and maverick releases. Crossing the boards between dance, electronica, edgy weird folk music and shades of lo-fi punk rock, this compilation possibly paints a better picture of what Manchester is about. A spirited, inventive, melodic, creative, melting pot that doesn’t bow to other fashions, but actually creates its own.
Switchflicker Comp review from Manchester Music


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