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Chloe Poems & Rosie Lugosi: swalf 05 launch


The rock and roll ethos that defined spoken word artists like John Cooper Clark gave poetry a new accessible, familiar appeal to popular audiences. This fusion of playful lyrics, a self conscious reflection of the pop and rock scene and a commitment to taking art to new audiences created a dynamic which took all of these art forms into new directions.

This dynamic has been understated in recent years but has created historically some of the most exciting fusions in music and poetry, from rap, hip hop and trip hop and punk.

Switchflicker wish to place this central relationships between poetry / lyricism and music back in the foreground by releasing a double A sided Limited edition 7″ Vinyl record of poetry and electronic music. The single features gingham socialist poet, Chloe Poems and the hell raising, ‘Rosie Lugosi the Vampire Queen’, and local producer Mild Man Jan. Switchflicker represents a continued exploration of art-based collaborations with the music scene, bringing new and exciting work to a popular audience, fusing the creative practise between Manchester’s renowned music industry and spoken word artists. Line up: Rosie Lugosi, Chloe poem, Valerie & MildManJan.

SWALF 05 @ Green Room Theater 54-56 Whitworth Street West, Manchester.

Supported by Arts Council England & The Greenroom


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