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Brenda – Sounds From the Other City 07


Bank Holiday Sunday – all day bands bands bands bands bands and bands with aftershowparty at the Mill.

The Tings Tings first official gig at Club Brenda at the Rovers Return, The Real Dolls at Contort Yourself at The Black Lion, The Maple State at High Voltage at The Kings Arms, The Beap Seals at Blowout at the Mark Addy, That Fucking Tank @ Goldenlab at The Salford Arms, Cortina Deluxx @ The Red Dear Club at Sacred Trinity Church and The Tremenduloes @ Rain or Shine at The Albert Vaults + 40 other bands, food, t shirts and stuff all for £9


Jennifer Gentle
Hailing from Padova, Italy, Jennifer Gentle is not a girl. Jennifer Gentle is, in fact, a band made up of singer/guitarist Marco Fasolo and drummer Alessio Gastaldello (joined by various accomplices when they play live). Jennifer Gentle is also the first Italian band Sub Pop has ever signed (such is our deep affection for the band). But, again, Jennifer Gentle is not a girl

Magic Arm
Psych pop charmer Magic Arm whose fragile melodies are a must hear and see. His music features everything from Beach Boy’s-influenced rockers, to ballads that would make Jose Gonzalez weep, but despite their potency, everything is branded with his melancholic humour, from lyrics to his emotive, solo version of LCD Soundsystem’s ‘Daft Punk Is Playing at My House.’
‘Outdoor Games’ ep is released on Switchflicker in June

The Ting Tings
Imagine The White Stripes reversed with a synthesiser and massive
bass drum doing what they do best, playing effortlessly cool synth-pop. Influenced by the ever shrinking music world, the two piece of essentially just drums & vocals aided by their loops and an electric guitar, juggle their edgy pop hooks with Katie White’s Peaches style vocals & Tom Tom Club haunts. This will be their debut gig!


The beards
Kev has been recording music in one form or another since the age of 15..from playing with sound recorded on a 2 track to being in various bands. There are tapes of all this oddness that will never be heard by others.. Bought a Boss Digital 8 Track and started recording lo-fi experimental analogue electronic sounds treated via the 8-Track and various guitar pedals


Detour play guitar rock music, often instrumental and in a vein you might describe as post avant rock. Odd time signatures and strange build ups, with moments of pure noise and high energy. A cross between Tortoise, Godspeed, and CAN.


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