Music shows and releases

Brenda’s ALT Madris Gras 08



Featuring The legendary David Hoyle, the artist formerly known as The Divine David

Live music from Cult Favourites ‘The Hiddens Cameras’

Dirty Honky – The pig nosed clown

Holly Gore Arcade and the Strays

Dj’s Jayne Compton, Debbie Jump, Claud Cunningham Black Angel, Brutal Ruth and Dolly P and the Beacon of Hope.

The band’s gigs in summer 2008 are the first time that the Hidden Cameras have returned to the UK since their Awoo tour in late 2006. Since then, the band’s music has reached a wider audience after featuring prominently in John Cameron-Mitchell’s controversial film, Shortbus and with the release of a tribute EP to the maverick disco Eccentric Arthur Russell, who’s work has been recently celebrated in WILD COMBINATION.


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