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Parkertron AKA Peter Parker

Parkertron AKA Peter Parker

After coming third at the UK DMC championships Peter Parker, or Parkertron joined Rae and Christians live band where he met Bassist and future band mate in Fingathing, Sneaky.
The Fingathing trio rose to notoriety in the UK and then worldwide for pioneering the art of the DJ/Live/Video combination. The bands use of unique comic book style imagery by Chris Drury, Parker’s razor sharp skills on the turntables/MPC drum machines, and the irresistible sound of Sneaky‘s stand up Double Bass propelled them forward to acclaim across the hop hop/ beat driven musical world with an identity and style that was unmistakably their own.

Through Fingathing, Parker enjoyed a great deal of success, touring the world playing mind boggling and high energy shows, ripping up the turntable and MPC in an improvised and freestyled environment along with Sneaky, creating a one off show every time.

Renowned club DJ Peter Parker is now a member of Real dolls. However, as well as being primary beatmaker for Fingathing and more recently Realdolls he is also making solo music as Parkertron.

The work with the Realdolls has seen him branch out way further into the history of club music and beyond, accepting, and being influenced by, a much wider variety of styles as yet unheard with Fingathing. The combined production work along with Real Dave from the Dolls has created a fresh, high energy form to provide lyricist and frontman Rod Hotly with an excellent platform to express himself, along with Japanese/Manc cohort Yo-Yo and the incredible voice of VEBA.

Manchester takes on the world in the form of Real dolls.

We are currently booking an Autumn tour, contact Dan Ashcroft for details,

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