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Sealed With A Loving A Flick

Swalf X CD // £5.00 // 21/08/06

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The Ting Tings – That’s not my name / Great DJ

Swalf11 Released 28/05/07 Format 7″

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Bootsy Bootsy EP: swalf15 launch

28/02/09 This month we have live on stage Magic Arm (full band show) Bootsy Bootsy EP launch he’s a singer-songwriter, but one in the sonically-adventurous vein once epitomised by Beck …

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Magic Arm

Like Beck, Beta Band or Adem, Magic Arm is a sonically curious soul who fuses folk, rock and effervescent electronics. But, as reference points, none of those three quite hit the spot.

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Swalf 06 Released 08/06/05

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MildManJan feat Mark E Smith: Swalf 1

Swalf 1 Released 12/01/00 MILDMANJAN feat Mark E Smith: Fist Full of Credits MY MATE MARK: Skin Deep Featuring Veba

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