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Swalf X
CD // £5.00 //

Home to disco punks Valerie, Magic Arm’s traditional tech wonders and the aural antics of Gideon Conn to name but a few, this 14 track compilation promises to amaze, astound, and give you the full tasting menu of what’s happening in alternative music, right now.

Opening the collection, The Unheard, a Manchester-based producer and DJ extraordinaire, weaves forgotten sounds like the snuffle of Rolf Harris into sonic tapestries. Jan Wolstenholme is a multi- instrumentalist and has been in several bands, most notably as bassist/vocalist in Bandit Queen. while Curvilinear give us a dose of late night tragedy. Whimsical Gideon Conn sounds precisely like he should be in a speakeasy with Talullah and Magic Arm lends a sliver of his fantastical folk for your delectation.

Tour mate of Lone Pigeon and Aidan Smith, John Stammers will break your heart with this country-inflected heartbreaker and My Side Of The Mountain say: “We spend our days creating pretty sounds from whatever we find including the finest primary school percussion in the land.” All true. Half English, half American, Belle of les Bois is inspired by the two nations musical histories, with the echoing ambition of open spaces reverberating through her songs.

In a grand finale, Electrelane’s best mates Valerie showcase their ability to be both DIY mentalists and catchy tunesmiths in the one, violent ballad while Sporting Hero is both one man band and the whole goddamn orchestra – electronic, yet delicate, Switchflicker’s son will go forth. To close the show, former Monaco member Dave Potts goes all 60s on us with his solo stuff – think Beatles, Who, and classic, chunky sounds.

Along come SWITCHFLICKER, purveyors of eclectic clubs and maverick releases. Crossing the boards between dance, electronica, edgy weird folk music and shades of lo-fi punk rock, this compilation possibly paints a better picture of what Manchester is about. A spirited, inventive, melodic, creative, melting pot that doesn’t bow to other fashions, but actually creates its own.
Switchflicker Comp review from Manchester Music

Manchester based label Switchflicker have surpassed all expectations with this collection of outr pop sounds from some of the most interesting young acts in the country at the moment, skating through genres with a refreshing disregard for what’s hot and what’s not in the eyes of the contemporary music scene.


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