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Golden Jubilee Cruise: swalf 02 launch


To celebrate the launch of our second single and The Queen’s Golden Jubilee we are having a Barge Trip along the glorious setting of the Rochdale Ship Canal.

Barge Line up: Chloe poems – Live Performance and quiz.
DJ’s –Jayne Compton & The Unheard.

SWALF002 @ Rochdale Ship Canal, meet outside the YMCA. Castlefield


Switchflicker set sail along the Rochdale Ship Canal for the Golden Jublie cruise.

‘The afternoon rolled gently on as we made our way down the canal, our entertainment involving a good old fashioned pub quiz (our team was accused of cheating, and it is no exaggeration to point out that text messaging is indeed killing the pub quiz). The music came courtesy of Switchflicker, including the all-female punk band Valerie and their track ‘ All My Heroes Hate Me’, and Glade, who DJed tracks from his EP, all of which exemplified the spiky orientation of Switchflicker – rather refreshing in an age of a rather bland, Mc Label culture.

Simon Morrison
DJ Magazine


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