Brenda Berlin

from Manchester to Berlin 08

24/05/08 Our annual trip to Berlin with Sub Pop punks Pissed Jeans, Magic Arm and Valerie Westgermany Skalitzer str 133 Kreuzberg u:bahn – kotbusser tor

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Berlin Brenda’s Weekender 07

25-26/05/06 Club Brenda’s annual Berlin shindig at West Germany Friday 25 – Brenda joins the Poopsy club hosted by Chloe Poems live on stage SCREAM CLUB, Electro Sex Hop Hip …

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Brenda does Berlin 06

27/05/06 Brenda does Berlin West Germany Kreuzberg Tube station – kochstrtorr Playing Live Beats for Beginners Hooker David Thomas Broughton Rah Bras Hosted by Chloe Poems Dj’s Jayne Compton, Debbie …

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